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A first of its kind, NFT collection

The FEEL GOOD NFT collection is breaking new ground. A randomly generated collection whereby every piece of artwork has been designed and created by a world-renowned artist from the traditional art world. This unique collection will be launching on Ethereum in October. Join our Discord to keep up to date.


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Three Renowned Artists

Three Unique Styles

The Prodigy frontman and artist Maxim, mixed-media artist Dan Pearce and graffiti tag master Opake have collaborated on this unique and experimental NFT collection. Feel Good is here to bring excitement, positivity and high calibre artwork to the rapidly evolving NFT space.

Dan Pearce

Dan Pearce

Dan Pearce is a mixed media artist whose work is collected by everybody from Idris Elba, Boy George, Anthony Joshua and 50 Cent. He was named "one of the UK’s most collectable, emerging artists" and his work employs spray paint, hand painted acrylics, lenticular, neon lights, 3D objects, textured resin, gold leaf and collage, as well as his own photography and street art.

The innovative mixed media portraits by Dan Pearce blend modern day street art with the influences of Warhol and Lichtenstein in a unique controlled explosion of energy, colour and texture.



Maxim is a contemporary British artist known for his outstanding paintings, sculptures, and art prints using a mixture of sinister and beautiful images. The frontman of the hard-hitting British band The Prodigy, known for his fierce lyrics and vibrant sense of style, in both their videos and their explosive live shows.

Known for a fierce style of art that explores the complex nature of humanity. His art intertwines positive and negative elements of society with an unexpected and deeply personal convergence of surrealism.



Opake is a graffiti artist from London. Opake has been a practicing graffiti artist since the age of 13, experimenting with all elements of subculture from tagging to super large scale murals. Over time, he has developed a distinct painting technique and combines both illustrative images with elements of graffiti to create a new and exciting body of work.

He takes the cartoons of his childhood and puts the through a graffiti filter, transforming pop icons into something you've never seen before.


The Feel Good NFT's

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the stunning pieces in this collection

Feel Good
Feel Good
Feel Good
Feel Good
Feel Good
Feel Good
Feel Good
Feel Good
Feel Good
Feel Good
Feel Good
Feel Good
Feel Good


arrow arrow How / where can i mint a Feel Good NFT?

They will be available to mint through our website

To mint a Feel Good NFT you will need to set up a Metamask Wallet and deposit Ethereum into your wallet click here for help to set up your wallet

arrow arrow How many Feel Good NFT’s will there be?
In total, there will be 8,888 Feel Good NFT’s.
arrow arrow Which blockchain will they be launched on?
Ethereum, as ERC-721 tokens
arrow arrow How much will it cost to mint 1 Feel Good?
Each will cost 0.088eth to mint (plus gas fee).
arrow arrow When is the Feel Good collection launching?
Feel Good is launching on October 14th. Any pre-sale will be announced on the Feel Good Twitter and Discord. We will give at least 5 days notice via Discord.
arrow arrow Which secondary marketplace will they trade on?
After minting, the entire collection will be available to trade on OpenSea.
arrow arrow Are there any giveaways?
Yes, we are doing regular giveaways on our Twitter @feelgood_nft and our Discord
arrow arrow Are any NFT’s being held back for the team, marketing, advisors etc?
Yes 200 are being reserved for giveaways, marketing and advisory roles.
arrow arrow Can I print my Feel Good NFT and hang it on my wall?
Yes you can. You’ll receive full access to the high-resolution file of the NFT(s) you own from our collection.
arrow arrow Will the price be fixed or on a bonding curve?
The price will remain fixed at 0.088eth throughout the minting process.
arrow arrow When will the Feel good NFTs launch?
The Feel Good NFTs will launch on the 14th October
arrow arrow Where can I view the smart contract?
It can be viewed on Etherscan by clicking here
arrow arrow Are the pre-minted NFTs available for sale?
No, the pre-minted NFTs are for giveaways and promotions.
arrow arrow When will the collection reveal?
The first reveal party was on Thursday 14th at 10pm BST. This covers Feel Good #1 - Feel Good #1800. The second reveal will be on Friday 22nd at 9pm BST which will be the rest of the collection.

Giving Back

Feel Good is about growing the NFT art space something us as artists are very passionate about. We see lots of artists committed to this space and we will do our part to help them, offer advice and invest in this creative market.

2% of primary sales will go to a fund that will be used to buy NFT’s from up and coming artists in the NFT space and invest in any projects that will help them. We are committed to building the foundations of the NFT Feel Good Fund.

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