Minting Roadmap


The Discord channel is now available - Let the rewards begin for the Feel Good Discord community. As we are all full time artists we would like to give away lots of creative rewards, like art and sculptures and of course ETH and NFT's. We will be active on the Discord channel asking what rewards are preferred and gathering feedback.


Let's get the Feel Good vibe started by giving away 5 Feel Good NFTs.


Introduction to the three artists on our Feel Good Discord channel for a Q&A session and a 25 Feel Good NFT Live lottery giveaway.


50 x Opake One Feel Good Stormtrooper NFT Sculptures will be given away using a random lottery system.

The lucky winners will receive a Stormtrooper NFT and have the option of choosing a physical sculpture which is 40cm high and worth $2,000 or choose a digital 3D sculpture to display in our Metaverse gallery.


$100k worth of original NFT artworks will be given away by the three artists, one NFT artwork will be a collaboration voted by the Feel Good Discord community.

The giveaway will again include the option of receiving physical artwork or having a digital option that can be displayed in our metaverse gallery.

Original Artwork

The $100,000 NFT Feel Good sculpture giveaway. The three artists will collaborate on a brand new Feel Good NFT sculpture which will be unique to this collection. This will be a very exclusive and only 25 will be produced. The sculptures will be given away in a live lottery.

The winners of the NFT sculpture will have the option of receiving a physical sculpture each valued at $5,000 or choose a digital 3D sculpture to display in our Metaverse gallery.

Maxim, Dan and Opake would also like to donate $10,000 each to a charity they each support.


If you are the initial lucky owner of a NFT then we will make it possible to download a A4 300dpi print file. This gives the NFT owner the option to have their artwork printed, framed and displayed as a physical piece of art.

We would also like to offer the NFT owners the chance to have their NFT artwork displayed in a Metaverse gallery and invite the NFT community along.